Services in Vesanka

Vesanka Hall (Rientolantie): School (grades 1-6), day care centre, library services supplemented by a mobile library.

Swimming beach and a carpet washing stand near Vesanka Hall.


Village shop in the nearby Kuohu village, ca. 7km from Vesanka, see Kuohun kyläkauppa in Facebook.

Recycling point next to the Village Hall Rientola, address Rientolantie 2.


Post office in the centre of Jyväskylä,Vapaudenkatu 48-50, 40100 Jyväskylä


Palokka Health Care Centre - Palokan terveysasema: First aid, doctors, dental clinic, child welfare clinic


Jyväskylä Parish (Lutheran): Vesanka belongs the the district of Keltinmäki church.


Kiponniemi Course and Camp Centre owned by the Finnish Evangelical Free Church can be reserved for many kinds of occasions.

Vesala Camp and Course Centre owned by the Parish of Jyväskylä.


Sports facilities in winter: Ski trails to Laajavuori Sports Centre. Ice rink next to the school and another in Ruoke village along Vesangantie Road. Facilities of the school. Sports club Vesangan Vesa organises activities.  
Sports facilities in summer: A public swimming beach of Lake Vesankajärvi next to the school, parking in the school yard. Another beach in Pikkurilampi pond. Sports club Vesangan Vesa organises activities.

Associations, clubs, etc.

  • Clubs provided by the church
  • Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, family circle
  • Courses organised by the Jyväskylä Adult Education Centre
  • 4H Club for children and youth
  • Sports Club Vesangan Vesa, mainly football and floorball
  • Theater Club
  • Kylän Pojat, dance music
  • Ison Tanhuujat, folk dance
  • Vesangan Martat, a women’s organisation
  • Kuohu-Vesanka Pensioners
  • Village Association of Vesanka

Village Hall Rientola

Rientola is the centre of activities and hobbies in Vesanka. Rientola is also a popular place to arrange meetings, courses and parties. The house was built in 1920 as the people’s hall and it was renovated and modernised in 2006. After the renovation the Village Association has invested in equipment both in the kitchen and in the meeting and assembly hall.

Regional Taxi Services in Jyväskylä 

Sights nearby  Visit Jyväskylä

Petäjävesi Old Church, a Unesco World Heritage Site - A good example of the Nordic wooden architecture and log building skills only 21km from Vesanka.
Nyrölä Rock Planetarium - A surprising Planetarium in a small village only about 13km from Vesanka - open only on order.

 Veankatalo - Vesanka Hall